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  • Cycling: Stay Safe and Have Fun

    Cycling: Stay Safe and Have Fun3

    Cycling is excellent cardiovascular exercise—it’s easy on the joints and works the whole body. Dr. Sobel incorporated cycling into his exercise routine about eight years ago after a knee injury. As an alternative to running, he picked up swimming and biking for full-body, low-impact workouts. He says if you’re still struggling with the “COVID 15″—pandemic-induced

  • Coronavirus Strains: What You Need to Know

    Coronavirus Strains: What You Need to Know0

    Cedars-Sinai researchers recently discovered a unique strain of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Dubbed CAL.20C—and also known as B.1.429—this strain originated in Southern California. Researchers detected CAL.20C in more than one-third of cases in their study of Southern California patients between November and December 2020. It is now spreading across the country—traveling with people


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